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Who are we ? 
We are a bunch of passionate folks from diverse backgrounds with a zeal to :

- Provide Organic raw milk and its products from Desi(Indigenous) cows to the masses.
- Raise awareness about the superior quality of milk from our Desi breed of cows.

Why Organic raw milk from Desi cows ?
Unfortunately the milk we consume today can contain hormones, steroids, urea and chemicals. The reason being buffaloes and cows are reared by a good majority to extract the maximum quality of milk. Dairies collect milk from farmers and pay them for the amount of fat and not for the quality of protein in the milk. No tests are conducted at a vast majority of milk collection centers for adulteration.
 Desi cows which produce high quality milk are no one's fancy and the exotic HF, Jersey and buffaloes have taken over. To ponder : quality or quantity ?

Milk contains 2 main types of beta-casein protein, A2 and A1. Majority of milk that is available in the market is A1 type or a mix of A1 and A2 type milk.

 Originally, India was a A2 type milk producing country as our native cow breeds produce only A2 milk. The imported breeds like Holstein Friesian(HF), Jersey etc produce mainly A1 type milk. A1 milk is associated with diabetes, heart problems and other health related issues. The internet is a very good source of information and if you desire to read further on this topic just search for “A1 milk” and you'll be blessed with a plethora of knowledge.

Are you drinking pasteurized milk ?

When milk is pasteurized, fats are oxidized, proteins denatured and most enzymes are completely destroyed, resulting in milk which may be more harmful than beneficial to our health.

Additionally, the bacteria killed by pasteurization are not removed, their dead cell fragments remain in the milk to ignite immune reactions. Often the lactose intolerance is not to the milk itself, but to the post-pasteurization cell fragments it contains.

What about homogenized milk ?

Homogenization is done to prevent the fat in the milk from rising to the top. The method involves the milk being forced through tiny diameter tubes at very high pressure to break the fat in the milk into much smaller particles.  The process can involve extreme heat which damages the milk composition even further.

Our cows ..

Our cows are fed organic germinated fodder which is free from urea and chemical sprays. All cows are monitored against tuberculosis and other harmful diseases to ensure the highest quality of milk standards.

Cows have access to green fodder and water throughout the day. They are treated with care like a family member. In the event a cow is diagnosed with a disease Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicines are administered and in the rare event antibiotics have to be given, the cow is separated from the heard and no milk is drawn from the cow until it is under medication.

Milk once drawn is immediately chilled to 4 degree celsius and our supply chain ensures the temperature remains near 4 degrees until the milk reaches your doorstep.

What do we sell ?

Fresh organic raw milk from desi cows and its products made out of the same milk and organic manure for your garden.

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